Why We Study Roman Numerals – The Answer Might Surprise You

Why We Learn Roman Numerals

why we learn roman numerals

Q. Why Do We Have to Study Roman Numerals? A. We use them occasionally.

Many great stories have fantastical beginning. Here is the story of how Rome came into being.

The Roman God of War (Mars) had twin sons Romulus and Remus to the priestess Rhea Silvia. This upset the evil king of the day so he had her imprisoned. The evil king then ordered a slave to kill the babies. The kind-hearted slave could not bring himself to do this so he set them adrift in a basket on the river Tiber. The children floated downstream until they were discovered by a ‘she wolf’ who had recently lost her cubs. The wolf rescued the boys and suckled (fed) them. Soon after this a good shepherd named Faustulus took the boys home and raised them as his own.

romulus and remis

     Romulus,  Remus & the She Wolf

The boys grew up and decided to start a whole new city. They had been fighting about what to name the city then one then one day it all got too much and Romulus killed Remus. Romulus named the he city Rome after himself and crowned himself the city’s first king.

Over the next M years Rome became the most powerful empire in the world. It spread its language, numbers and ways of doing things all over the known world. As a result expansion we still see parts of Roman culture in our world today e.g. ROMAN NUMERALS.

In a nutshell…we learn Roman Numerals because two and a half thousand years ago
two babies were set adrift on a river 
and were rescued by a wolf. These babies grew up and began an empire
so now we learn their numbers because there is a smattering of them in our world.
 Makes perfect sense 😉 

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