Roman Numerals Bingo

Roman Numerals Bingo 

Roman Numerals Bingo

Includes 10 High Color Roman Numerals Bingo Boards

How to Play:

  1. Decide the pattern to be aimed for as the winning combination.

Possible Winning Patterns:

– Select a Roman Numeral to make the shape to win e.g. L, C, II

roman numerals bingo


 – First person to spell the word BINGO on any row.
– Spell BINGO on top row etc
– Each letter vertically
– First person to get diagonal row bottom right to top left
– First person to get diagonal row top right to bottom left
– Four corner squares and the center square
– For a longer game go with two intersecting lines.

Trap for Young Players – Beware playing the game to cover the whole board. It takes way too long and the chances of an error are very high. In this case a quick game is a good game.

  1. Caller reads a random number from a hundreds chart (included in download) and crosses it off.
  2. Students find the equivalent Roman numeral on their board and place a counter on it. 

How to Win:

The first player to achieve the decided upon pattern and call out BINGO is the winner.

Hint – Assign a student to check if the card is correct and continue the next game to ensure continuity.

Roman Numerals Bingo Game

Roman Numerals Bingo Game – Includes 10 Low Color Boards

Roman Numerals Bingo Variations:

– play the game in pairs (this is my preference as the discussion is so valuable)
– give the initial numbers in the form of an algorithm eg 17 – 9 =
– In my experience students enjoy using fake Roman coins as counters in the game.

Roman Numerals Bingo

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