Why We Study Roman Numerals – The Answer Might Surprise You

So Why Do We Study Roman Numerals?

Why We Study Roman Numerals

         Q. Why Do We STILL Study Roman Numerals?        A. We Use them a fair bit.

There is a great mythical tale surrounding the ‘beginnings’ of the Roman Empire and the founding of the city of Rome. 

The Roman God of War (Mars) had twin sons to the priestess Rhea Silvia. This displeased the evil king of the day and he had Rhea Silvia imprisoned. The evil king ordered a slave to kill the children.

The kindly slave could not bring himself to kill the infants so he set them adrift in a basket on the river Tiber. Downstream the children were discovered by a ‘she wolf’ who had recently lost her cubs. The wolf rescued the boys from the river and suckled (fed) them. Soon after this a shepherd named Faustulus took the boys home and raised them as his own.

When the boys grew up they went on to start a new city. Romulus killed Remus in an argument over what the new city should be named. After that Romulus named the city Rome after himself and went on to be the city’s first king.

romulus & remus

Over the next M years or so Rome became a major super power. It spread its language, numbers and ways of doing things all over the known world. As a result, we still see parts of their culture in our world today e.g. roads, sewerage systems and ROMAN NUMERALS.

We learn to read and write roman numerals today because our society still uses them… occasionally.

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