Roman Numerals Lesson – The Modern Olympics & Roman Numbers

Roman Numerals Lesson – The Modern Olympics

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                                                    Roman Numerals & the Modern Olympics

The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens Greece in MDCCCXCVI.

The official logos of III Olympics are shown in the frames on the graphic above. Draw each logo and record the year they were held in Hindu Arabic numbers (our number system) .

– The games of the 16th Olympiad were held in Melbourne Australia in MCMLVI

– The Olympic Games were held in Rome in what year?

– The games of the 14th Olympiad were held in London England in MCMXLVIII

– Why do you think Olympic organizers used roman numerals to number the games when the original games were held in Ancient Greece?

Are you sure you’ve read all the text on the graphic?

NB – The origins of the ‘thumbs down’ symbol is a myth you might like to research some time.

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