Roman Numerals Lesson – The Destruction of Pompeii

Destruction of Pompeii

roman numerals Pompeii

  Roman Numerals Pompeii

On the XXIV of August LXXIX CE, Mount Vesuvius erupted & completely buried the Roman city of Pompeii in volcanic ash. NB There was no lava in this eruption even though the image above shows some.

It is thought around 5 000 people were killed in the catastrophe.

Pompeii layed buried and lost to the modern world until it was rediscovered as the result of intentional excavations in MDCCXLVIII CE

Possible Activities –

– Convert and record the roman numerals shown on this page. Present them as a paragraph written in the form a news report.

– Read the Roman historian Pliny the Younger’s first hand account of the day in when his father died trying to rescue people from Pompeii. The Destruction of  Pompeii

– How has the excavation of Pompeii given us insight into Roman life at the time.

– Lava did not kill the majority of the people who died in the Pompeii tragedy as many people have come to believe. What did?

– List V of the most interesting facts you can find about Pompeii e.g What did they use to bleach their clothes? What role has plaster played in recording the history of Pompeii? What is a pyroclastic surge?

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