Roman Numerals Lesson – Work Out the Joke’s Punchline

Roman Numerals Joke – Use the Roman Number Code to Work Out the Punchline

roman numerals joke

Use the key below to work out the punch for this joke.

a = I
b = II
c = III
d = IV
e = V
f = VI
g = VII
h = VIII
i = IX
j = X
k = XI
l = XII
m = XIII
n = XIV
o = XV
p = XVI
q = XVII
s = XIX
t = XX
u = XXI
v = XXII
x = XXIV
y = XXV
z = XXVI

First Word = VII, XII, I, IV
Second Word = VIII, V
Third Word = I, XX, V
Forth Word = VIII, V, XVIII

Explain the humor in this joke.

Is it right to joke about the death of a person?

How many letters are in the alphabet?

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