Roman Numerals Game – IV (4) In a Row – Practice Roman Numbers

Roman Numerals Game 

4 (IV) in a Row

roman numerals game

roman numerals game

Included in this Download

– see how many boards?

You will need:

– To print and laminate the board.
– Print and laminate the reference cards.
– One die (yes die is the singular, dice is the plural)
– Small colored counters for each player e.g. Player 1 = red & Player 2 = green.

How to Play:

1. Roll the die.
2. Choose a square with the same number as the dice.
3. Read the Roman numeral, and if correct, place a colored counter on the square.
4. The winner is the player who achieves 4 counters in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Tips and Hints

– This game works best as a two player game.
– Can be played without a die – children just choose numeral.
– Try playing best of three plays – this helps to reinforce roman numerals.

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